Case Study

Rebranding a Global Issue to Spark Action

The Challenge

Climate change had proven exceedingly difficult for people to engage with. The challenge felt too vast and complex for people to act upon. Messages seeding doubt about climate science and the economics of addressing it contributed to people’s confusion on the issue. 

The Insight

We rebranded the organization to directly address obfuscation in the media on the issue. The Climate Reality Project was conceived as a media machine for the movement that would shed light on the lies and reveal the greater opportunity for a healthy and sustainable world powered by a green economy. As the issue developed rapidly, we continued to recalibrate our message always aiming for the optimal mix of urgency and solvability.

The Work

The founders of Fearless helped to conceive of and execute 24 Hours of Reality, a groundbreaking multimedia event broadcast live online over the course of 24 hours. The first show in 2011 sparked an unprecedented global conversation with 8.6 million online views and more than 200 million Twitter impressions. The now annual event has multiplied its viewership every year and driven trending topics on Twitter. Fearless provides strategy, writing, video concepting and production for the event, nominated for multiple awards including a News & Documentary Emmy in 2015.