Case Study

Galvanizing an Issue Using Cultural Humor

The Challenge

A highly politicized conversation was distorting the realities of a women’s reproductive issue. The toxic dialogue led even supporters to disengage. The challenge was to reignite a tuned-out audience and equip it with effective new ways of talking about the issue to friends.

The Insight

People don’t always disengage because they stop caring. Rather, polarized public discourse can lack personal relevancy. So we approached the issue from a different frame, discussing it within the context of larger momentum in women’s lives—their economic future, self-determination, productivity. The idea was to break free of the politics of today and tap into the culture of tomorrow.

The Work

Using humor in a typically serious and strident conversation, we created a campaign of digital videos that encouraged silent supporters to speak up. Those exposed to the ads became more likely to be aware of and speak out on their state’s laws on the issue and also to share messaging on the issue.